About me

Short resume

I'm a system engineer from the end of the world. I specialize in data engineering. I love working on devops and system architecture worlds.

I'm mostly python and java developer. I have extensive experience on data processing on AWS using Spark over AWS services like AWS Glue, AWS Redshift, Athena and Postgres. I also have a lot of experience using proprietary data management tools like PowerCenter, Datastage and Talend.

I also have a good knowledge on serverless applications using AWS SAM, Serverless framework and Cloudformation working as and independent consultant. I have the AWS Associate Architect certification.

The long history

I started my career working as a consultant doing data processing work using Informatica PowerCenter for a distributor in LATAM. Due my english language skills I was moved to a support role where I had to deal with platform issues and to scale with Informatica's support when problems where not due configuration or development. After a while I ended up as a product manager working on the sales team of the distributor.

I moved to another company as a consultant, doing data processing work in several tools like IBM Datastage, Informatica PowerCenter, Microsoft SSIS and Talend. I did hundreds of projects related to data processing, from systems integration to data warehouses. I had to lead engineering teams, train new hires, define data architectures and help to grow the company from 5 people to 45 people, always over proprietary solutions. As I was doing all this I realized the world was moving into exciting new things like cloud computing, continuous integration, infrastructure as code and many other that I was not using on my work so I decided to move from the data world to software engineering. I ended leading a software development team in a company doing geographical information systems. In this job I learned a lot about Postgres, Postgis and geographical data processing but the working environment was a nightmare.

While all this was happening in my life, in parallel I started studying all this new things and create a consultant company with a friend. After a while I decided to work as an independent consultant. Another very good friends had projects that I could do related with software development and data and the company I created started to have more serious work.

Life was good, I was free to do whatever I wanted and I had lots of very fun and interesting projects. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic came to the world, both of my sources of income were affected so I had to find a new stable job. I ended up getting hired in a not so small startup with presence in the Americas as a Data Engineer, which is the current work I'm doing.